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Tara Retirement Home is an independent supportive living facility for seniors in the Hamilton Mountain Community.

Tara Retirement Home was established in 2000 and is a proud member of the ORCA (Ontario Retirement Communities Association). 

Come visit The Tara Retirement Home to meet the family that your loved one can be part of. This warm environment not only provides home cooked nutritious meals but also has daily activities to keep our residents feeling youthful. At The Tara Retirement Home, there are 9 rooms available. The experienced staff ensures your desires are met with 24-hour supervision. In addition, housekeeping services are conducted daily. It is our promise to you that at Tara Retirement Home, your loved one is in the best hands. 




Vision Statement


At The Tara Retirement Home, our vision is to be the leading private provider for retirement care among our seniors and community.

Mission Statement


Our mission is to make The Tara Retirement Home your preferred retirement care provider in your golden years. We will provide outstanding care, continuous love, and everlasting memories.

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