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CARE: staff personnel that provides 24-hour supervision.


INTERNET: high-speed internet provided at no extra charge for all of your devices.


CABLE: basic cable at no extra cost. 


AIR CONDITIONING: central air conditioning is provided throughout the house.


PARKING: Free parking in the rear of the home. As well, there is visitor parking for your friends and family.


VISITATION: visitation by family and friends is from 9am-8pm daily. 


FURNITURE: you have an option to have your room furnished or provide your own furniture. Our furnished option includes all the basic requirements for a room: bed, bedframe, dresser and nightstand.


MEALS: we provide 3 meals daily in our dining facility, however, if you wish to go out with a friend or family member for dinner you are more than welcome. 

Breakfast is served at 8am

Lunch is served at 12pm

Dinner is served at 5pm


LEASE: We require you sign a lease that acknowledges your rights and standards of the senior living community.


STAFF: All of our staff members have obtained their food handling certificate through the City of Hamilton. In addition, staff have attained the training through ORCA (Ontario Retirement Community Association). 

EMERGENCY: We offer lifeline bracelets for all residences, a 24-hour emergency service that allows all residents to be at peace and worry-free.


Elder woman and her caretaker
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